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Why Aren't We Partying?

By Gary Diehl  |  June 23, 2017
Many times as I look around the church on Sunday morning there are not many times that I see smiles as people worship. I often think why don’t we look like we are ENJOYING worship? Myself included in this exam. You know what I mean? There are t

Dave Gibbons: On Discipleship

  |  June 22, 2017
"How I see it is here you have the world and the church builds its organization and we ask the people to come out of the world into the church building. And then we ask them to put on our t-shirts, we give them a new language, sing our songs, become

Build Your Own Baptistery

  |  June 22, 2017
Did you know the first Brethren baptism (of six people) in the United States took place in 1723? It occurred in the Wissahickon Creek (near Germantown, Pennsylvania) on Christmas Day. Yes, this meant it was cold. So cold in fact that they had to chop

Listening to Your Neighbor

  |  June 21, 2017
What if our neighbors know how they need to be loved better than we do?

Hugh Halter: What is Discipleship?

  |  June 21, 2017
"When you just claim to know things, and you don't take on His life, you kind of arrogantly become a judge and no one likes you. Discipleship gives you the ability to look at the life of Jesus and actually live His life."

Love, Liberate and Launch

  |  June 20, 2017
What would it look like if discipleship happened more like this: love people, liberate them from their bondages of fear and lies, and launch them into the world to spread the love that they've been given – Christ Jesus through His people.

My History With Foot-Washing: or How I Came to the Right Decision

By John Drexler  |  June 20, 2017
I grew up in an Independent Baptist Church in New Jersey just 8 miles west of Philadelphia. I knew virtually nothing of the ordinance of foot-washing until I applied for admission to Grace Theological Seminary, a Grace Brethren School located in Wino

Unscripted with ESPN's Ernie Johnson

  |  June 19, 2017
Ernie Johnson sat down at Q Conference (where a large delegation of Brethren leaders was in attendance) to chat about faith and vocation. Living out your faith in public spaces isn't always easy, but Ernie delivers some encouraging thoughts on the matter. 

Disciples Make Disciples

  |  June 19, 2017
Francis Chan and David Platt discuss the long-game of making disciples. "If the tree is for real, it will bear fruit."

Cool Buttermilk for Weary Travelers

By Nirmala Kumar  |  June 18, 2017
Practical outreach from our Global Partners in India

If we don't disciple

  |  June 18, 2017
"If we don't disciple, the culture sure will, and it's doing a pretty good job of it"

Justice is Not Merely A Dream

  |  June 17, 2017
Justice is not merely a dream It's a day The sun is rising Love is not a liberal scheme It's true faith

3 Ways to Know the Will of God

  |  June 16, 2017
How to Know the Will of God

An Apostolic Church

  |  June 15, 2017
In this twentieth century, there is a paramount urge to get to basic fundamentals. The age, characteristically materialistic, challenges the church to emphasize spiritual values. It is an easy matter to drift with worldly influences and forget Him in

Problems or Possibilities?

By Emery Hurd  |  June 14, 2017
Recently we discovered that a crack in our back patio was letting water drain from the downspout into our foundation. After several heavy showers of rain, we would find a damp spot at a basement floor concrete seam, which we would need to take care o

Transformation Comes "As We Go"

By Scott Soden  |  June 14, 2017
If you are like me you get excited about the idea of packing up and boarding a plane to encounter strange new places and people in the service of God.

The Supreme Search

  |  June 13, 2017
"For wisdom is better than rubies;

The Church in Thy House

  |  June 12, 2017
Church in the home

The Secret to Obtaining GREAT Things

  |  June 9, 2017
Childlike Faith

The Loneliness of Leadership

  |  June 8, 2017
“One of the major limitations of imagination’s fruits is the fear of standing out. It is more than the fear of criticism. It is anxiety at being alone."

Four Months Until Harvest

By Jeremy McClung  |  June 7, 2017
Where we see impossibility, Jesus sees opportunity. Where we see a hostile environment, he sees a harvest field. Where we are tempted to see enemies of our faith, he sees people to love.

Reconciliation and Foot-Washing in Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood

  |  June 7, 2017
From the beginning, Rogers specifically challenged the nation’s understanding of race through his friendship—both on and off-screen—with Francois Clemmons, the Neighborhood police officer who just happened to be an African-American

The Power of Prayer

  |  June 6, 2017
The power of prayer and our privilege to participate.

The Impact of a Good Book

By Paula Strickland  |  June 5, 2017
We understand and value the fact that there is no greater or more life-changing book than God's Word. It is our source of spiritual food, our instruction and guidebook for life, and one of the main sources of hearing from our Father.

Adapting for the Future

By Sam Shultz  |  June 2, 2017
Preparing for the future financially within the church and individually told through the personal experience of a pastor.

How "Deliberate Simplicity" Impacted Me

By Gary Diehl  |  June 2, 2017
I have been reading a really challenging book by Dave Browning titled, “Deliberate Simplicity.”  It’s a book that asks some rather difficult questions about what we are doing in our lives and in our church. The author strives to help the reader understand that whatever it is we believe God is leading us to do, we need to change two important things:

Vacation and Church Attendance

By Fred Youngen  |  June 1, 2017
Summer vacation means different things to different people. Some view vacating as going to the beach, others to get away, others to visit various places.

The Numbers That Matter

  |  May 31, 2017
The Numbers That Matter

800 Hot Dogs

  |  May 31, 2017
Members of the Milford First Brethren Church (Milford, IN) connected with their community in a practical, loving way over the Memorial Day Weekend. During the Memorial Day festivities, church members provided free hot dogs, water and drinks to commun

Following Their Call

  |  May 31, 2017
A handful of Brethren Leaders recently took next steps in pursuit of their ministry calling. The Brethren Church walks alongside those called into pastoral ministry, through a licensing and ordination process…
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