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Where are the Peacemakers?

  |  October 18, 2017
Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.

Bright as Day

  |  October 16, 2017
Have you ever wondered what God thinks or feels when he looks at you? We live each day, many of us simply by trial and error, hoping we don’t mess anything up too badly. The phrase take it till you make it comes to mind, and

The 2 Things ALWAYS present in Church Revival

By Patrick Sprague  |  October 5, 2017
Nate Bebout from Park Street Brethren Church (Ashland, OH) shares with us the two things that are always present in every major revival in the history of the Church

Goshen First Brethren Calls Cory Smith

  |  October 2, 2017
Goshen First Brethren Church (Goshen, IN) has called Cory Smith as their new senior pastor.

First Brethren Warsaw Celebrates 125 years

By Patrick Sprague  |  October 1, 2017
First Brethren Church (Warsaw, IN) celebrated its 125th anniversary on Sunday, October 1, 2017. Interim pastor Rev. Howard Immel presided over the service, and a special sermon was delivered by Brethren Church Executive Director Rev. Steven Cole.

12 Baptized at Brethren Church in India

By Scott Soden  |  September 27, 2017
Join in celebrating the continued amazing work of Jesus in The Brethren Church in India. 12 church members were recently baptized. Curious about our Global Partners? Find out more here

Celebrating Generous Giving from Brethren WMS

  |  September 26, 2017
NOW it is time to find the rhythm of life for fall and winter. I love this time of recalibrating and evaluating my priorities

Brethren Global Partners to lead team to Colombia

By Scott Soden  |  September 21, 2017
On Wednesday, September 27 a group of leaders from all over South America and a team from the U.S. will meet in Medellin, Colombia. The team from the United States will be Global Partners Coordinator Scott Soden, Tom Schiefer and Joe and Jan Burgos.

Hurricane Relief Update

By Patrick Sprague  |  September 14, 2017
As Brethren have continued to faithfully respond to the devastating Hurricanes in the southern U.S., we have been deeply humbled by your generosity. To date, Brethren Relief has received approximately $17,000 in donations from individuals and churche

7 Questions To Ask Your Church Staff On A Bi-Annual Basis

  |  September 13, 2017
Leadership is more than casting vision. Effective leadership requires being hands-on and intentional about maintaining relationships with your staff.

Jack Wellman Ordained in Mulvane, KS

  |  September 13, 2017
Rev. Jack Wellman was ordained in The Brethren Church on Sunday, August 27th. Jack was ordained at the Mulvane Brethren Church in Mulvane, KS.

How to Lead a Church Without Authority

  |  September 12, 2017
In today's episode of the Vanderbloemen Leadership Podcast, William talks with Clay Scroggins, Lead Pastor of the North Point Community Church campus in Alpharetta, Georgia.

3 Factors that Keep Millenials Coming Back to Your Church

  |  September 11, 2017
And yet I am a Millennial who, through some personal battles and my fair share of absent Sundays, found a church that I love and call home. So what did my church do right?

Ordained for Ministry

  |  August 29, 2017
Two men have recently been ordained for pastoral ministry in The Brethren Church. David Miller (McGaheysville, VA) and Rudy Bocanegra (Columbus, OH) were both ordained in their local churches. David Miller serves at Mt. Olive Brethren Church and is

How Liturgy Changes Us

By Patrick Sprague  |  August 29, 2017
A few weeks ago, I started my morning in the Book of Common Prayer, as I have been in the habit of lately. I was stilled and challenged instantly with these words from that day's devotion:


By Emery Hurd  |  August 28, 2017
A couple of years ago I had the fantastic opportunity to experience a 7mm kidney stone. After a week of intense pain and two surgeries, I was pain-free and committed to doing all I could not to know that pain EVER again. My urologist recommended a re

The Gathering

  |  August 15, 2017
Well over 200 people amassed on Camp Peniel over the weekend for an ecumenical event called "The Gathering." Members of the Berlin Brethren Church organized the event, billed as "One Weekend. One Celebration. One Kingdom."

Was Jesus an Introvert?

  |  August 14, 2017
I was recently asked if I consider myself an introvert or an extrovert.

Why I Drive a Bus

By Paul Latimer  |  August 8, 2017
So my wife and I are planting a church here in Columbus, Ohio, but I'm also in training to work as a bus driver too. Why?


By Patrick Sprague  |  August 7, 2017
For years, Lanark First Brethren Church had sent a small, 10-20 person missions team to a small work camp in Southern Alaska each year. While there was certainly a benefit for both the team to grow together in fellowship, and for the recipients of th

Zao Expressions

By Jesse Adams  |  August 7, 2017
It's been 5 years since the day that I heard the word church planting. It was a time in my life where I was frustrated with the direction of mainline evangelical churches and the pace, change, and effectiveness that the local church had

4 Tips for Leading Introverts

  |  August 4, 2017
There are several key ideas and takeaways that can be applied to social situations in general, specifically in reshaping our ideas of who to hire, who to promote, and how to lead a team of introverts

How To Turnaround a Church

By Karl Vaters  |  August 3, 2017
You can’t program a church from unhealthy to healthy. No amount of special events, Big Days or new ideas can cause a broken church to become whole.

Final Service at Columbus First Brethren Church

By Patrick Sprague  |  August 2, 2017
Columbus First Brethren Church is closing and will celebrate their final worship services on Sunday, August 6th at 10:40 AM.

Brethren Academy

By Patrick Sprague  |  August 2, 2017
36 students from across North America just completed Brethren Academy, a weeklong intensive of leadership development, allowing high school students to explore God's call on their life.

The Cost of Old Wineskins

By Patrick Sprague  |  August 1, 2017
In 1997, the number of payphones in the United States alone was over 2,000,000. Cellular phones were just beginning to crack the mainstream at the time, but communication, when you were away from the home or office, was still ruled by the almighty ph

VITAL SIGNS: Digital Opportunities

By Emery Hurd  |  July 25, 2017
When I first started in pastoral ministry, we created monthly newsletters on typewriters using mimeograph masters and a mimeograph machine we hand cranked; it took all day to make a newsletter (If you don’t know what a mimeograph is, ask someon

Changes in Brethren Leadership at Ashland University

By Patrick Sprague  |  July 25, 2017
The Brethren Church is pleased to share two important changes from Ashland University.

That's a Wrap: General Conference 2017

By Patrick Sprague  |  July 24, 2017
For the 129th year, The Brethren Church gathered to worship, pray, discern and fellowship together. In the coming days and weeks, we'll share much more about the specific business items the 2017 General Conference worked through, as well as stories o

Ordained into Ministry: Mallorie Dladla

By Patrick Sprague  |  July 24, 2017
The first interaction I had with Mallorie Dladla (then Mallorie Miller) centered around a commitment she had requested of me. She had asked me to lead a small group of leaders from Ashland University's "The Well" ministry. After a few short weeks, I