Celebrating in India

By Scott Soden

January 4, 2018

The day after Christmas, a small contingent led by Linda and Keith Immel departed for India. Primarily traveling to celebrate Prasanth and Nirmala Kumar's 50th wedding anniversary, the team also brought many supplies to the development ministries there. 

Linda Immel (left), hands out sewing kits to students at the Brethren Sewing School in Rajahmundry. Click to enlarge

One of the important development efforts operating in Rajahmundry is the Brethren Sewing School. At the school, poor and destitute women in the community are taught skills that will allow them to gain employment and economic stability. If the women stick with the program through graduation, they receive a sewing machine at that point. Throughout the program, many women hear and experience the Gospel through others, and often students come to faith in Christ. The team took sewing kits donated from Brethren Churches around the United States and delivered them to the sewing school. Your efforts in collecting the kits are deeply appreciated!

Hannah Strickland (left), hands out sewing kits to students at the Brethren Sewing School in Rajahmundry. Click to enlarge

Traveling with the Immels are Hannah Strickland (Ashland, OH) and Marissa Vance (Berlin, PA). Please continue to be in prayer for the team as they travel, and join us in celebration of the Kumar's marriage!

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Happy anniversary to the Kumars. A long time ago in seminary we were neighbors to Kumar when he too was in seminary in Ashland.
Sharon Fields at 2:23pm EST - January 4, 2018
Happy 50th Anniversary 💗😍. God's continue Blessings. Love you😘😘
Cindy Smith at 3:59pm EST - January 4, 2018
Congratulations on 50 years. You are blessed and are a blessing to us. I have so many memories of your trips to Elkhart Indiana. Many more years together. Sherry Houghton.
Sherry Houghton at 5:16pm EST - January 4, 2018
Happy 50th Anniversary! It doesn
Jeanette Sullivan at 7:13pm EST - January 4, 2018
Happy 50th wedding anniversary to Prasanth and Nirmala! I was a fellow student at Ashland Theological Seminary with him. Praising the Lord and all thanks to them for pioneering the ministry of Brethren Missions in India.
Arden Gilmer at 8:14pm EST - January 4, 2018
Happy anniversary, Kumars!! I remember you visiting us in Hagerstown, Maryland many years ago at our home for a meal. May God continue to bless your ministry.
Ron Glazer at 1:18pm EST - January 5, 2018
Happy 50th anniversary!!!I'm pastor Gerald Barr's sister and I remember Prasanth from when he lived in the same building as my brother when they were both in school at Ashland.God Bless you two and your ministry in India.
Suzanne Barr at 10:45am EST - January 6, 2018
Praying you had a nice celebration for your 50th anniversary last week. Thanks for being so good to our Great- Great- Grand Daughter Hanna Strickland last week. I am sure she will never forget the experience she had. Love
Patricia Lusch at 5:32pm EST - January 7, 2018
Happy 50th anniversary Prasanth and Nirmala! I rejoice in the Lord for how he has blessed both you and your ministry in India. May the Lord continue to shower his blessings upon you and the Brethren Church in India!
Dale Stoffer at 9:13am EST - January 8, 2018
Happy 50th !!! What a joy it was to have you join our local congregations a few years ago in South Bend as we celebrated with our local Cubs baseball team for a fundraising good time!!
Karen Ullery at 12:46pm EST - January 8, 2018

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