Church Resources

Are you a Brethren Church Leader, Pastor, or Elder? Are you a perspective Brethren Church Leader? Looking for resources that you might need? Wish to view the current BCNO Newsletter? This is the place for Brethren Leaders to access a fount of resources.

General Conference

Brethren Church General Conference Information and Videos

Manuals And Guides

A list of Brethren specific Manuals, Guides and Handbooks for pastoral and congregational use.

Brethren Church List

A downloadable PDF of current Brethren Churches across our country

Denominational Information

Information about The Brethren Church Board, Committees, Officers and Organizations


NABCE The National Association of Brethren Church Elders.

Pastor Profile

A Pastoral Profile serves as an application and detailed resume, which are used to help churches and pastors in transition.

Brethren Retirement

The Brethren Church offers a participant-directed 403(b) retirement plan for pastors and employees working at least 1,000 hours per year. The plan allows both church and individual contributions to grow tax-free. When pastors retire, annual distribut

The Brethren Evangelist Magazine

The Brethren Evangelist is published 5 times a year. It is dedicated to advancing the life and ministries of The Brethren Church.

Commissioning, Licensure and Ordination

Below, you'll find all the necessary paperwork and information regarding ministry commissioning, pastoral licensing, and ordination in The Brethren Church Commissioning   Manual of Commissioning Procedures ...