Brethren Retirement

The Brethren Church offers a wonderful 401(a) Retirement plan for pastors and staff members who work 1,500 hours a year or more. This plan allows both church and individual contributions to grow tax-free, and can be withdrawn in retirement as an ongoing housing allowance, even in retirement. For more specific information, please contact your accountant or tax professional.

As of 2016, the Retirement Board consists of:

  • Member, Ron Waters, President (2017)
  • Member, Ryan Gilmer, Vice President (2018)
  • Member, Ken Hunn, Secretary (2019)

Retirement Board Administrator: contact Tony Van Duyne 

Investment Consultant & Deposit Receipients: Morgan Stanley, contact Thomas Kahle

Deposit Recorder, Tax Form Preparation & Recordkeeper: OneAmerica/McCready & Keene, contact Jennifer Comage

Trustee: Matrix Trust (formerly Wilmington Trust)

For tax assistance or questions, please contact your local tax professional, as every state and individual has a unique set of requirements and questions.

Helpful Documents: