Manuals And Guides

A list of Brethren specific Manuals, Guides and Handbooks for pastoral and congregational use.

Ordination and Commissioning Forms and Manuals

Brethren Church Ordination and Commissioning Forms and Manuals

Manual of Procedure

The General Conference of Brethren churches, to secure a uniform method of procedure in the organization of new churches and the administration of the churches already established, adopts the following manual of procedure.

2013 Pastoral Compensation Recommendations

In consultation with the pastor, the appropriate group should recommend a salary and benefit package for the pastor and other paid staff members to the church’s leadership and congregation.

A Guide to the Pastoral Search Process: Finding A Fit Between Pastor And Congregation

This notebook – Guide to Pastoral Selection – assists a search committee as it selects a new pastor.

Brethren Pastor's Handbook

The Brethren Pastor's Handbook.

Manual of Pastoral and Congregational Procedures

This publication is a compilation of documents relating to pastoral and congregational relationships and procedures.

National Ordination Council Constitution and By-Laws

The purpose of the National Ordination Council is to supervise, coordinate and implement the guidelines of The Manual of Commissioning, Licensing, and Ordination Procedures of the Brethren Church in cooperation with NABCE.