Global Partners

 “Global Partner” describes individuals or churches who extend the
Brethren witness outside of North America through the multiplication
of disciples, leaders and churches.

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and prayer requests from our Global Partners

Created by our Global Partners Team, this video encapsulates and visually highlights our Brethren Church Global Partners as well as new partnerships and connections.

Your support and your prayers enable and assist our Global Partners to "go and make disciples" where we physically cannot. We encourage you to take a look at just how far reaching your love and your contributions can go. Please share this video. And let us know if the Holy Spirit uses it to call YOU to a serve the Lord alongside one of our Brethren Church Global partners or perhaps through a burden to enter a brand new Brethren Church mission field!

For more information about our Global Partners Team, please email Scott Soden. Scott, or one of our other Global Partners Team members would love to share more with you.

We the Brethren Church, honor and celebrate the effectiveness and achievements of Brethren international missions of the past. We also must recognize that a changing world requires that we embrace a shift in our understandings and processes related to mission efforts. To read more about this shift - please click the graphic below to view a PDF of our Global Partners Brochure.


To download a Word Document of this brochure CLICK HERE.

 Please remember to pray for and support all of our Global Partners in their endeavors to spread the gospel throughout the world.

 Brethren Persecution in Africa

Please continue to pray for our fellow Brethren who are being persecuted for their faith.

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