Leadership Development

Ryan Smith - Brethren Leadership Development CoordinatorSpecifically targeting the leadership growth and health of not only individuals but entire families, churches, and ultimately communities, Ryan Smith is the Brethren Leadership Development Coordinator.  As Leadership Development Coordinator, Ryan develops and leads a team of individuals whose focus is the development of our Brethren leaders. 





The world in which we live is one where, as ministry leaders, we need to be diligent to protect our flock and those that serve within it. This is why regular background checks are vital.
Because the process can often be overwhelming, Brethren Leadership would like to help you navigate the complex maze of requesting and receiving background checks. 
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 The BYIC (Brethren Youth In Christ), is a community of young people and leaders from around the country who not only have faith roots in the Brethren Church but also have a passion and a desire to personally grow in our relationship with Christ.  This is largely accomplished through local and national ministry efforts.

                                  BRETHREN CAMPS

As we continue the journey to Love God, Love Others and Make Disciples, Brethren Leadership Development has been working with a group of our leaders to develop a manual that will give insight and instructions for discipleship. The manual can be ordered now.  

The Brethren Disciples Guide is $15 and can be ordered by CLICKING HERE.


Are you a new member of The Brethren Church? Are you teaching a class about The Brethren Church? Would you simply like to understand more about our denomination?

Redesigned, with discussions at the end of each chapter, our new Brethren Witness book encapsulates the history and the story of The Brethren Church in an easy-to-read and contemporary fashion.

Great for groups and for personal study, this book is written on the occasion of what might be called an awakening in the tribe of God’s people called The Brethren Church.

Fresh vision and shifting culture have given themselves to fresh strategies which are producing kingdom fruit in ways and in places that we cannot anticipate nor contain. Our recourse, then, is to follow along in obedience where Jesus leads and prepare ourselves to be of use in his mission.

Only $10.00 each. CLICK HERE to order your copies.

The Brethren Witness Primer is available for order! A tool specially designed for students, and based on the newly revised book, The Brethren Witness for the 21st Century. This Brethren Leadership Development resource is designed to reveal our unique, Brethren values to the next generation, in a way that's relevant to them. The format of the Primer is designed for either individual study, or group study. It's perfect for youth groups and families alike to use with their teens to discover who we are as Brethren and to more fully engage in the Brethren story. You're invited to download a free copy of the introduction and first chapter. For more information on the Brethren Witness Primer or Brethren Leadership Development, contact Ryan Smith

Only $10 per book + $2/shipping