Ministry Transitions


 Every congregation will change pastors.

Guidance can help you make the journey healthier!


  •  Changing Pastors - understanding the transition and search process and preparing for a healthy new season of ministry for pastors and congregations. To learn more about what it takes to make a pastoral transition as healthy as possible - VIEW HEALTHY PASTORAL TRANSITIONS: Understanding the Journey HERE.
  • Intentionality Grid - helping assess the level of need for specialized assistance when a pastoral change occurs. To learn more about the Need for Intervention Scale and Determining the Level of Intentionality Required for a Church in Transition - VIEW INTENTIONALITY GRID HERE.
  • Leadership Shifts - learning what needs to change about leadership practices and expectations as the church moves through various stages of life and development
  • Changes in the Community - navigating a rapidly changing community environment and the implications for Kingdom impact on the church


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