Ministry Vitality

In order to thrive and be in good health, every ministry needs to be aware of their vital signs. Vitality determines quality of life. When it comes to Ministry Vitality, MOBILIZE can observe a church environment for the "vital signs" that indicate those things that are essential & healthy. Here are a few of the ways that happens:

  • Natural Church Development (NCD) - the BEST language to describe what HEALTHY looks like in a church environment, in every culture and context! Based on highly reliable and valid scientific research, the 8 "Quality Characteristics" measured by the NCD tools help us not only understand what "healthy" looks like, but how our congregation actually measures up. For an overview of the NCD principles, Quality Characteristics and process, CLICK HERE.

  • Healthy Conflicts - understanding our differences and learning how to navigate difficult issues in healthy ways. (VIEW: Crucial Conversations)


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