What Does Mobilize Look Like

What does the MOBILIZE Network look like?

  Mobilize is a National Network of Leaders and Partners Who Help Brethren Ministries Increase Their Capacity to Make More Disciples and Make a Visible Kingdom Impact in Their Communities!




We are:

  • Coordinators - Regional and national leaders who have a "generalist" viewpoint (like a Primary Care Physician). Often the 1st point of connection. We can help you understand the "vital signs" of a healthy ministry.
  • Specialists - Various leaders around North America who offer a "specialist" focus (like someone trained as a Cardiologist or Neurosurgery). Specialists serve in the areas such as Discipleship, Spiritual Gifts Awareness, Congregational Vitality (NCD), Financial Best Practices, Vision Clarity, Missional Engagement, Developing Effective Ministry Teams, Teaching Generosity, Spiritual Formation and Managing Conflict. Specialists bring their individual Gifts, Experiences, Abilities and their capacity to help in a church's unique context.

MOBILIZE will always take steps WITH you, rather than do things TO you or FOR you. We are here to help increase your ministry’s capacity to fulfill your God-given potential and calling. We engage in activities that will ultimately result in growing more disciples of Jesus who make more disciples.

MOBILIZE efforts help us re-imagine connections between Pastors and Congregations and our interactions with one another.

Brethren Coaching 2.0 (March 2016)


 Ten Things You Should Know About Coaching

Why Would I Consider Getting a Coach?

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