Important Staffing Change at Brethren Church National Office

September 8, 2017


Staffing Announcement from The Brethren Church on Vimeo.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Executive Director Steven Cole: 419-289-1708 or

To reach Bill Ludwig in his future endeavors: 


The Brethren Church National Office
524 College Avenue
Ashland OH 44805

September 8, 2017

Brethren – 

I am writing to inform you of a recent change in our national staff. Bill Ludwig, who has headed up our church planting efforts through MissioChurch, will be resigning from his staff position, effective September 15.

The resources of every organization are limited, including ours. As we further live into our move from a district structure to a regional structure, we must begin to reallocate our limited resources to the priorities of the vision we have adopted. In the immediate future, I will be working with our national staff and Missio team to identify leaders that can continue to shepherd and spiritually care for our church planters. We will continue to recruit church planters, and empower local churches and regions/districts in their church planting efforts.

I want to emphatically communicate that there has not been any sort of integrity or moral issue, nor a relational falling out between Bill and myself, or our leadership. Rather, this is about our shared vision of being a church that is locally empowered, and regionally organized and resourced. As such, our need for a national coordinator in this role is greatly diminished. 

As we make the transition into a fully-realized regional structure, the recruiting, training, discipling and sending of church planters, all services Bill Ludwig has provided on behalf of our faith family, will now be provided by local and regional leaders, with the full resourcing and support of the national movement.

Please forward any questions regarding this change, or about church planting during this transition, to me. You can reach me at The Brethren Church National Office - (419) 289-1708, or directly via email - I thank you in advance for your prayers of discernment and patience in this transition.

Yours in Christ – 

Steven Cole
Executive Director
The Brethren Church

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