Reorganization Info

Mid-Level Regional Reorganization

In July 2015, General Conference adopted a proposal to implement a reorganization of The Brethren Church at the middle level. The proposal will replace districts with regions over a period of years. The proposal was referred to the districts for action to implement.

Below are links to several explanatory articles that have been or will soon be published in The Brethren Evangelist. Also listed are supporting documents.

If you have questions about the regional reorganization process, contact Ronald W. Waters at 330-525-7169 or


1 – Moving Forward – an introduction to the regionalization process – September/October 2015 Evangelist, pp 8-9

2 – Congregational Clusters – a new way of grouping congregations for mission and fellowship – November/December 2015 Evangelist, pp 18-19

3 – Composition of Regional Boards of Oversight (pp 14-15) – focuses on the rationale for including ordained and lay persons on these boards – January/February 2016 Evangelist (Note: Regional Boards of Oversight have been renamed Regional Leadership Teams.)

4 – Brethren Camping – an explanation of how Brethren camps related to the new organizational structure – March/April 2016 Evangelist, pp 14-17

5 – National Board of Oversight - a description on how the National Ordination Council will transition to a broader role - November/December 2016 Evangelist, p 9

6 – Regionalization and Church Plantingan explanation of how church planting will continue to be a vital function and responsibility of each region - Winter 2017 Evangelist, pp 8-9

Supporting Documents:
If anyone would like a Word Doc version of the below documents,
please contact Ronald W. Waters

1 – District Actions: Checklist and Timetable

2 - District Resource Guide for Implementing Regionalization

3 – Brethren Church "Manual of Procedure"

4 – Regional Reorganization Chart 

5 – Nomination Process - Regional Leadership Teams (MoP Exhibit D)