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Are You Celebrating Lent?

Are You Celebrating Lent?

Submitted by Brethren Church on Wed, 03/23/2011 - 5:27am

Growing up I never heard much about Lent or thought it applied to me. My friends who celebrated Lent were mostly Catholic and I didn't understand why they always grumbled about giving something up for Lent. As an adult I am still unsure of what to do with Lent. Most of us as Brethren aren't taught how Lent applies (or should it?) to us.

But I recently heard an awesome sermon on why celebrating Lent could be important. Jason, "Barney" Barnhart preached this sermon a couple weeks ago. It has challenged me every day since. Am I giving up something (chocolate, TV,etc.) just because or am I truly fasting during Lent and listening to what God is telling me? Why not fast? In times of hunger allow that hunger to remind you to listen to God. Learn to sit in prayer for chunks of time and LISTEN to what God is saying. Can I fast from sundown Good Friday until breakfast on Sunday morning Easter weekend? These are questions I have been wrestling with since I heard this sermon. Take the time to listen and let the Holy Spirit challenge you. What would it look like if all our churches took the challenge to fast Easter weekend and listen to what God wants us to do?

To listen to Jason's sermon CLICK HERE

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