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Brethren Leader Launches Resource for Small Churches

Brethren Leader Launches Resource for Small Churches

Submitted by Brethren Church on Mon, 06/10/2019 - 10:49am

If you know a Woman in Ministry, whether paid or unpaid, staff or volunteer, seen or unseen, please forward this article to her!

Laurie Acker is a Brethren pastor’s wife and ministry leader out in the desert of Tucson, Arizona. She has started a unique resource site and network for Women in Ministry, specifically in Small Churches.

Read about her story and her unique vision. She’s meeting a huge need in a demographic that has been largely untouched by resourceS: Women in Ministry in Small Churches.



“If you are tired, burnt out, or just looking for resources, hang out with me. I plan to inspire, encourage, and fill this THE CREATIVE LITTLE CHURCH website with everything I can think of to serve you well.” Laurie Acker

The Creative Little Church exists for Women in Ministry in Small Churches. After 30 years in church ministry, I’m tired of not finding the resources I need that actually work in small churches.

When my pastor-husband was working on his doctorate, I heard the statistic about church sizes across America and the VAST MAJORITY of churches are small. I was a little shocked. Why is this news to me?

Well, because most church resources and conferences are written by and hosted by mega-churches. And, you know what? Most of their resources don’t even help small churches. Not without serious altering and adaptation.


Let’s share what actually works.

As a Woman in Ministry, I am also very aware that most volunteers are women. Many women find themselves untrained and unsupported in their volunteer and/or paid positions. Some even end up “accidentally” in leadership positions and would love resources that teach them how to lead effectively.

And guess what? Most church leadership books, resources, and websites are written and run by men. That’s all great ... for the men.

However, after 21 years of being married to a man, I am well aware that women and men work differently, think differently, lead differently, and feel differently.

So Women in Ministry in Small Churches, this site is for US!

My dream is to build a community - an actual network - of Women in Ministry in Small Churches supporting each other, serving each other, and resourcing each other.

Small Churches offer unique beauties that Large Churches were never designed for.

Instead of feeling like we are coming up short or can’t compete with the neighborhood Mega-Church or Growing-Like-Gangbusters-Church-Plants, let’s discover why God placed us in the Small Churches we inhabit.

Let’s do Small Church Ministry as God designed us to do it.

Let’s be Creative! and Effective! and Joyful! and On-Fire!

The Creative Little Church offers encouragement, ideas, and resources for working with:


So, that’s my “about me” for The Creative Little Church.

I would truly like to connect with you. Please shoot me an email so we can journey together!


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Submitted by Barb Ceary on Mon, 06/17/2019 - 2:31pm


Sign me up! I so need the encouragement of other pastor's wives of small churches. I must admit, right now I am tired. Thank you!

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