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Cultural Insights for Student Ministry #StuMin #YouthMin

Cultural Insights for Student Ministry #StuMin #YouthMin

Submitted by Brethren Church on Sat, 05/27/2017 - 6:25am

Our friend Rebecca Hodges recently posted some thoughts after spending time with some fantastic folks. We loved the insights so much we asked if we could share it with all of you. Here’s a list of the major takeaways (Amanda and I especially relate to #4. It’s been a passion of ours in ministry and life). Also, if you like these and would love to hear what they’re up to, Rebecca and Rick Lawrence do a weekly podcast called “Whiteboard Wednesdays.” You can easily access it from

Just got to spend three days with the leaders from the top organizations that train, lead and create resources for youth ministry in the country. It was an incredible look from the top down of youth ministry, the state of teenagers and a chance to look forward. Here’s some takeaways you can partner with me in praying about.

1. Teenagers are in a state of emergency like never before. Tears were shed over the amount of suicides in the last few months and even weeks that youth workers all over the country are experiencing.

2. Youth workers are in the Navy Seals. They stand at the front lines battling culture, abuse, anxiety, and neglect every day. They need our prayers and support. Know a youth pastor, volunteer or worker, reach out to them and offer to start praying regularly for them.

3. Youth workers can feel alone. They have to be there on the front lines all the time, and sometimes they get wounded and need to go to the infirmary. That means safe spaces where they can just be in their struggle, doubt or weakness. A place where they can let loose and be cared for. Pray about how you might step in to give them a break, or whether or not you could be the safe space for them.

4. The message of bearing fruit, discipline, and obedience to Jesus as an OUTCOME of attachment to Jesus is still a new message. You all are a little pocket of freedom for people, even pastors and ministry leaders. Pray about how you can spread this message. Let’s unlock people’s cages in partnership with the Holy Spirit by showing people the freedom of attachment.

This article originally appeared on the Northeast District Youth Leaders blog

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