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Free Conference for Women in Ministry

Free Conference for Women in Ministry

Submitted by Brethren Church on Fri, 01/29/2021 - 8:47am

Tomorrow, Brethren leader Laurie Acker (Summit Ridge Community Church, AZ) will host the Women's Ministry That Works! Conference. The conference features 29 women leading in the church. One keynote speaker will be Nita Wilkinson of Gretna Brethren Church (Ohio)

Registration is free, or for $79, you get recordings of the speakers and sessions in perpetuity for life, as well as $1600 worth of resources. Don't miss out on this chance!



Have you ever read a self-help book where the advice was so general that it didn’t help you at all? How about attending a church conference that had no advice for a church under 50 or a women’s ministry with only 3 women?
In a world where information is at our fingertips, I don’t think we need general advice about anything anymore! Give me ideas I can use, strategies I can put to work, and a community that can answer my questions!

That’s why we created the Women’s Ministry that Works Conference - just for Small Churches. Because you need more than general Women’s Ministry advice and program ideas if you are in a Small Church. 

If you know someone in a small church, would you pass this invitation along?

In Small Churches, we struggle with things like:

  • Doing it alone
  • Casting a vision for something different & better
  • Activating women to put their faith into action
  • Getting women excited about Bible Study
  • Having the confidence to lead and know exactly where we’re going

This free event is just for YOU!

For one full day, 29 women, with hearts specifically tuned into Women’s Ministry in Small Churches, are speaking about topics that will equip you to do what you were meant to do! Everything to help you Lead with Resilience, Program with Purpose, Teach with Confidence, Build Authentic Community, and Impact Your Community.

And you can get your free ticket here! 

I can’t wait to hear the impact this conference has on Women’s Ministries everywhere! Our last conference was met with - “We want more!” - and resulted in lasting connections, changed ministries, and women growing in confidence!  

We expect even more from this conference with increased networking opportunities, interactive strategy sessions, coffee chat with our speakers, and more!

The conference is completely free to attend, but we've also put together a huge bundle of products from our speakers. Things like workshops, Bible studies, zoom sessions, and more would usually sell for over $1600, but you can get it for just $79 for a few more days. (Not to mention lifetime access to all the presentations!) See the details here »»


If you have any questions about the Women’s Ministry that Works Conference for Small Churches, please email me at


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