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Grace's Table

Submitted by Brethren Church on Thu, 06/04/2020 - 10:35am

When Karen Stevens launched Grace's Table (Grace Community Church, Winchester, VA), it stemmed from a powerful question posed to her by Pastor Brad Reaves: "What are you passionate about?"

Karen's passion is taking care of people. She is gifted in hospitality, and so a ministry was born. Once a month, Karen, along with a team of eager helpers, would cook hundreds of homemade meals, and give them away. It was a powerful, tangible expression of God's love through Karen and her team. The meals, often comfort food, right down to the decadent desserts, were excellent. It offered many a free meal who may need one, or just the company of a smiling face. 

But then COVID-19 struck the world. In an instant, so many in the community were without work or struggling to make ends meet. Karen and the team at Grace responded instantly — moving from once a month to weekly meals. The need was great, and people responded. Last week, Grace's Table served over 260 meals in a drive-thru fashion to those wanting a hot, home-cooked meal. And they expect more this week. It's a huge undertaking and just one of the many ministries that have blossomed or shifted due to the pandemic. 

Brethren Churches around the globe are responding to the needs of those struck by COVID-19. In some instances, the churches themselves are struggling to make ends meet. In other instances, the ministry needs are greater than they can tackle on their own. At Grace, they're scrambling to keep up with the needs of those looking for a hot meal cooked with love. 

Your donation to the Brethren COVID-19 Relief Fund helps Grace's Table and ministries like them around the globe. When you give, you are helping Karen and her team feed the hungry in Winchester, VA. And with that provision of food comes a beautiful expression of God's Kingdom and Gospel. Please, if you're able, give generously to support ministries like Grace's Table.



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Submitted by Arden Gilmer on Thu, 06/11/2020 - 3:38pm


Thank you for loving and serving people in the Lord’s name in this tangible way. You are blessing many!

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