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Huskers & Blue Jays

Huskers & Blue Jays

Submitted by Brethren Church on Fri, 07/09/2021 - 9:17am

Recently, Steven Cole, Miles Larson, and Dan Acker visited our Brethren Churches in Nebraska and Kansas. Meeting in Kansas City, we embarked on a four-day trip through some beautiful farm country where we experienced both rural and suburban hospitality, met great people, and enjoyed some great food along the way.

Our first stop was Ft. Scott Brethren Church in Ft. Scott, Kansas where we met with Pastor Floyd Minor and the rest of the church for dinner at Chicken Mary’s which was rated one of the best places for fried chicken in the country. We also took a tour of the church and met with Pastor Minor and Moderator Ginger Hueston to hear about their current ministries and their plans and vision for the future.

Our next stop was to Mulvane Brethren Church in Mulvane, Kansas where we met with their moderator, Jonathan Hunter, and the rest of the leadership team and members of the church toured the facility and listened as they shared their story and some of their thoughts about their future. Afterward, we enjoyed a great dinner with all of them at the Rib Crib in Derby, Kansas.

Our last stop was to First Brethren Church in Falls City, Nebraska. We met with their moderator, Donnie Shaffer, and the rest of their leadership team and members of the church. The church has several beautiful stained glass windows, and a part of the building is actually a historical landmark. Steven Cole shared an encouraging message to them as he preached at their worship service on Sunday morning.

It was great to see each church in context, to meet the people, and to encourage and bless them as they continue to minister and share the Gospel to people in their respective areas.

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