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Making a Difference Today

Making a Difference Today

Submitted by Brethren Church on Wed, 06/10/2020 - 10:15am

Have you ever had an experience in which you weren’t sure how you were going to manage the bills, feed your kids, had a few moments in life where the future felt fuzzy and prospects seemed to disappear? If you can say yes to any of these experiences, guess what? You have a lot in common with our Brethren Global Partners!

These moments are all too common for many International Partners. Struggling with enough food, clothing, jobs, paying the rent, and bills is a universal issue. In many places, the unemployment rates are two to three times higher than the U.S. Even the prospect of getting back to “normal” is still just a light on the horizon. The quarantine is still in full force with many governments extending the stay at home orders through the end of June. Yet, even in the very midst of difficulty, hope remains!

Our partners around the world recognize the difficult time we live in and have found ways to reach out in their local communities and beyond to provide food, clothing, sanitary supplies to those who have been forgotten. However, what began as small acts in the church has spread farther than could ever have been achieved on their own.

Because of your generosity and response to the COVID-19 call, many of your partners are expanding programs to provide even more for the poor. Strengthening both body and soul. Here are just a few places doing amazing ministries, whom you are providing resources for.

  • Luis Morilles and the church In Lima, Peru, are reaching out to a few families within the congregation to help with food and supplies. Recently a donation from one church allowed them to provide funds to the struggling barrio of Ticlio Chico where volunteers are working together, creating community pots (dinners) so no one goes hungry. They also put together bags of food and supplies for people to take home. Luis even made deliveries in Lima.
  • In Puerto Maldonado, pastor Segundo is providing bags of food and sanitary supplies to several in the congregation who are desperate for help and hope.
  • In Pucusana, Elena Prado and the Pucusana Project joined with a few other groups to provide community pots (dinners) and bags of food including fresh eggs for the community. They are also instrumental in getting protective equipment and sanitary supplies to doctors at the local women’s and children’s clinic. A clinic where one doctor died from the COVID-19 virus earlier.
  • In Colombia, the church is working hard to provide supplies, especially for children and families. Even though they had to move one of their churches to a smaller building because they could no longer afford the rent, the church continues to reach out in word and deed.
  • In Paraguay, the Brethren Church is working in the small barrio of Ypani (Eepanee) working to develop a new church plant and feeding close to 200 people each day in community pots. They are also helping to provide sanitary supplies to homes to keep the people from getting sick.
  • In South Africa, the Sandilee is working with various partners to deliver food and medical supplies to people on the very edge of starvation!

These are just a few of the stories we are hearing from all over the globe. Stories not of terror and darkness but stories of hope and light. Stories of faith being renewed, and love being shared freely.

You are part of that story! You are helping to make this possible! When you take time to pray and intercede before God on our partner's behalf, you change lives! When you reach out share these stories with friends, family, and colleagues, you give hope to others that God is still moving and taking care of his people. When you give to the COVID-19 Relief Fund, Brethren Global Partners, and your local church, you provide resources that are multiplied through faith.

Thank you so much for being a partner in international ministry! Thank you for praying, thank you for giving. Don't stop, please! You are needed more than ever! You are Making a Difference for Brethren Around the World!


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