National Executive Board Summary - March 2019 | The Brethren Church

National Executive Board Summary - March 2019

National Executive Board Summary - March 2019

Submitted by Brethren Church on Tue, 04/30/2019 - 12:51pm

Moderator Josh Coffee shares with the denomination an updated on the board's last gathering in April. 


Your Executive Board of the Brethren Church continues the work of General Conference throughout the year. It is our privilege and job to engage in this work on your behalf, so if you have any questions of the Executive Board, or if there are any matters that feel require Executive Board attention, please contact me at Thank you!

-Joshua Coffee

Executive Board Meeting Summary

March 14-15, 2019

The Brethren Church National Offices completed their move into their new facility on the campus of Ashland Theological Seminary. The work of moving the Brethren Archives continues.

Progress continues to be made in finalizing details for the 2019 Meeting of General Conference. A rough draft of the schedule was shared and discussed. Work has commenced for 2020 Conference, as well as plans for an offsite 2022 Conference.

The National Board of Oversight reported that they are currently working through issues of defining Elder and Retired Elder status as they continue the work of a building uniform policy from the 9 different district policies that used to exist. They also report that there are six candidates to be interviewed for recommendation for Ordination this spring!

Much time was devoted to discussing the 2020 Budget. Items that consumed the most discussion time included staffing expenses, Church Planting expenses, and the presentation of Global Partner income and expenses. This year’s presentation of the budget at General Conference will include general breakdowns of Regional Budgets. The presentation, to be given by the Executive Director, will include a narrative to help connect budget items with the current vision.

Work is already starting on the next 5 Year Vision Plan for the Brethren Church (the current Five Year Vision extends until 2022). There is a plan to include a broad range of voices in this discussion, including devoting time for discussion and feedback in person at the 2020 Meeting of General Conference.

Nominations are still being sought for candidates for the Executive Board for three year terms starting in July of 2019.

A representative of Ashland University asked the Executive Board to review and give feedback on a recent policy document that AU was discussing. The Executive Board, honored by the request for feedback, issued a short documents that summarized the Board’s thoughts on the document. Continuing discussion in planned for the relationship between the school and denomination and how we might be of service to each other in the future.

Jamie White and Mallorie Dladla will continue leading Ashland University partnerships with the Brethren Church on the Brethren Academy and Summer Internships programs. With an end to current Lilly Endowment Grant for the Brethren Academy, an extension is available at a reduced rate, with the Brethren Church and Ashland University expected to pick up the remaining costs of sustaining the program. Six churches are currently expected to host interns this summer. Work is being done to investigate the possibility of offering the option of longer internships and including seminary students in the program in the near future.

A draft of a new Church Planting Pathway document was given to the Executive Board for consideration. Major changes mostly focused on aligning with the new Regional polity structures. Feedback was given to the Executive Director.

Discussion continued on our current paradigm of Global Partners and the Brethren Church worldwide.


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Submitted by Tony Van Duyne on Thu, 05/02/2019 - 1:24pm


Thanks Josh.

Do you know the timeline on when churches and delegates will receive discussion items or voting items for the Business Sessions at the national conference? I'd like our church board to have ample time to review key topics before sending delegates to represent our church.

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