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Southeastern District Sunsets, New Region Forms

Southeastern District Sunsets, New Region Forms

Submitted by Brethren Church on Tue, 05/14/2019 - 8:36am

The Southeastern District Conference came together on April 6, 2019, at the Waterbrook Brethren Church in historic Edinburg, Virginia to conclude one historic chapter and begin another in the story of The Brethren Church. The voting body of the Southeastern District voted to dissolve, taking effect July 31, 2019. This vote was unanimous in favor of regionalization. The decision was made with a resolve to care for and honor the amazing history of the Southeastern District. 

In replacement of the District leadership, a new Regional Leadership team will take form shortly. The team seeks to stay true to the mission of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and fuller representation of the entire geographical region, which extends from the state of Maryland to Florida and as far west as Kentucky. Our region is filled with cultural diversity and beauty. Not only in its geography but also in its family of Brethren Churches. 

A constant in the transition from district to region will be the idea of family. We are a family of Brethren churches who will care for and love each other. A family who will celebrate the life of long-lasting Brethren churches as well as the new churches that will be planted in the Southeast Region. With that being said, the new Southeast Region will reflect the history of the District in its values and will strive to live into a new leadership structure that will hold each church represented in the region to the hope and the promise of what God has in store for us as we go forward into the future. We are excited and hopeful and look forward to the future of the Brethren Church in the Southeast Region. 

Lee Reams is the lead pastor of Compass Community Church in Cross Junction, VA. Compass is a Brethren church plant that began in 2013, and Lee was called as the lead pastor in 2016. Lee also serves on the national staff of The Brethren Church as Regional Resource Coordinator for Southeast Region. His role is to help lead the regional leadership team and to be a connection between the churches and people of the Southeast Region, and the resources and connection available through the entire Brethren denomination. 


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Submitted by Jim Kadel on Tue, 05/14/2019 - 12:48pm


No offense to writer, Lee Reams, but as a relatively recent member of a Brethren church, I'm not enlightened as to the meaning or historic context of this announcement. Perhaps it was meant to be understood only by life long brethren? For instance: in reading this, I'm immediately curious as to the reason for this change? Are there other Districts that are also consolidating into Regions? Will there continue to be Districts at all, or only Regions of the Brethren church?

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