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An Update from the National Executive Board

An Update from the National Executive Board

Submitted by Brethren Church on Thu, 03/14/2019 - 11:12am

As the National Executive Board of The Brethren Church convenes this week in Ashland, OH, moderator Josh Coffee shares with the denomination an updated on the board's last gathering in January. 



Your Executive Board of The Brethren Church continues the work of General Conference throughout the year. It is our privilege and joy to engage in this work on your behalf, so if you have any questions of the Executive Board, or there are any matters that you feel that require Executive Board attention, please contact me at

-Joshua Coffee

Executive Board Meeting Summary
January 24, 2019

Activity is continuing in church planting for the Brethren Church.

The National budget was amended by the Executive Board to allow for a greater than anticipated need in regional funding.

The Brethren Church National Offices will be moving the first week of March to their new location on the Seminary Campus.

A discussion began on putting together an inclusive process for discerning the next 5-year vision of the Brethren Church, with an emphasis on including more regional and local representation in that discussion.

Scott Soden is continuing his work in reshaping the vision and marketing for our Global Partners ministry. Exciting reports continue to come in on the work being done in the Brethren Church in other parts of the world and their vision for expanding their ministries into new areas.

Much discussion was given to creating a pathway for Spanish speaking brothers and sisters to be able to work through the ordination process in the North American Brethren Church. The Executive Director is currently working on finding a leader for a Spanish speaking cohort to aid with working through the current requirements for ordination.

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