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Updates from Pucasana, Peru

Updates from Pucasana, Peru

Submitted by Brethren Church on Thu, 11/05/2020 - 7:45am

Updates from our partner Elena Prado Effio in Pucusana, Peru. Elena and her son have been hard at work helping to provide many resources for the poor and needy in Pucusana and the surrounding areas. They have spent time providing food, supplies, and more to different community associations that provide meals throughout different neighborhoods. The Brethren Church, through your generosity, has been able to send funds over the past few months to partner with Elena, helping to repair her car, which she delivers food and supplies with, as well as taking sick people to doctors as she is able. These funds, coupled with our amazing partner Allison Wallace and the Pucusana Project, have helped to see that many do not go to bed without food and water.

The following is Elena’s most recent update in her own words.

The Educational Association and Cultural.de The IEP Pierre Laplace and Pucusana Project make donations of food to the “Common Pots” and “Popular Comedors” of Pucusana on October 15 and 16.

This time the donations are given to the committees of the common pots and popular dining rooms of human settlements and housing associations who in solidarity meet daily to prepare lunches for their neighbors. In these dining rooms, vulnerable seniors, with disabilities or with a risky illness are given free lunches.
Human settlements and housing associations benefited: Margarita Navarro, Keiko Fujimori, Virgin of the Mercedes, Nueva Esperanza, El Bosque, Nuevo Pucusana, Manuel Scorza, Manuel Scorza 1, Los Jardines and Lomas de Marchand.

Congratulations to the neighborhood leaders and the committees made up of villagers who plan to make their canteens (community associations) work.

A great recognition to our partner Pucusana Project Inc. for their sensitivity and solidarity with the residents of Pucusana and for all the work they do to get the resources to continue helping.

Thanks to the Brethren Church that with their support allows us to remain dedicated to this beautiful task.
Thank you to all AECPL volunteers for being part of this work of love and solidarity with one's neighbor.

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