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Vacation Bible School in the Phillipines

Vacation Bible School in the Phillipines

Submitted by Brethren Church on Mon, 05/15/2017 - 3:46am

The Brethren Church in the Philippines is having fun and creating waves with their recent investments in ministry. This past month they planned out a 3-day VBS for kids in the community and church with the expectation of 40 - 50 kids would come by for lessons, laughter, and of course snacks! They got the surprise of their lives when the opening night arrived, and they ended up exceeding the expected amount of kids by a 50% which stretched the budget, volunteers and their faith in an incredible way! The first night saw 73 children. The second night attracted 72 kids, and the closing night brought in a record 80 children from the local community,  all eager to spend time learning about the Savior and discover life in abundance. The ministry broke into age appropriate groups to meet the needs and saw all of the leaders and kids thoroughly enjoying some time in music and celebration. Sounds like a call for us to celebrate right along with them!

This is just one of the many ways our partners in the Philippines are reaching their communities. Already, they are moving ahead with plans to expand, enclose, and air condition one of their facilities. They're also beginning to look for new church planting sites.

When you and your church support Brethren Global Partners, you join hands with brothers and sisters around the world who are eagerly taking light into darkness and seeing the Kingdom of God advance in miraculous ways. If you are exploring your call in the mission field, want to know more about these incredible ministries, or want to support Global Partners, give our coordinator a shout at You can also discover more stories and more ways to connect here.

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