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You're Going to Need a Break

You're Going to Need a Break

Submitted by Brethren Church on Mon, 08/10/2020 - 2:55pm

You may be feeling it right now. Maybe you know it. But chances are, no one is saying it out loud. We will: Pastor, you're going to need a break. 

COVID-19 has dealt leaders in ministry some of the most uncertain times in at leas a generation. Pastor, you're going to need a break. 

The reality is, you needed a break before COVID began. You need regular rhythms of rest and sabbath. Not vacation, not a few days off to do some landscaping or a home project. Real, intentional sabbath rest. 

Lest we begin down the mile long list of reasons why this isn't the time, it isn't convenient, "there's just too much work to do…"

The Son of Man, Jesus Christ himself took regular time alone to commune with the father. With no agenda, with no home projects, without renting a beach house. If the Saviour of the world needed this, you most certainly do. 

Before Gary Diehl retired in early 2020, he and Jason Barnhart took some time away for just that — a week long silent retreat at a monastery in Kentucky. Watch and listen to their experience following this week of sabbath, and consider planning time like this for yourself or for your pastor — soon. 


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