Becoming a Pastor

Becoming a Pastor

There are a variety of ways to become a pastor in The Brethren Church. Most simply, all it really takes is being hired by a local congregation. You can view congregations that are currently hiring on our careers page

A complete answer, however, is that most Brethren pastors pursue ordination through the denomination. Ordination is a process of licensing and oversight, which includes a significant examination and review process, allowing a leader to be mentored, examined and verified as “sound in faith and fit for ministry.” Ordination is nationally recognized, and transfers across any Brethren Church you may serve. 

The following documents contain the processes, directions and forms required for Ordination, Licensure or Commissioning in The Brethren Church.

Pastoral Licensure & Ordination

The Pastor Profile

Often, churches will request a Pastor Profile along with a resume and other pertinent documents when considering candidates for positions. The Brethren Pastor Profile serves as an application and detailed resume. It is used for the National Ordination Pathway and helps churches in transition explore qualified candidates as well. Pastors entering a season of transition should update their profile as well.

Download Pastor Profile Form