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Brethren Positions on Social Issues

Brethren Positions on Social Issues

True to our heritage as Brethren, we are a non-credal people, holding only the New Testament as a statement of beliefs or creed. While culture continues to desire black and white borders to draw positions on, furthering our division, the Brethren seek to understand God's will through scripture, the Holy Spirit, and discernment in community. 

As such, the following Brethren Positions on Social Issues is an attempt to clarify an overarching view of where we as Brethren find ourselves at this moment in time, as it relates to the social issues of our day. We will continue to discern and wrestle through our positions continually as we move forward. This document is not intended to be binding or prescriptive in nature, but rather a starting point for conversation in the local church and community. Each Brethren Church must discern what is appropriate locally in their context, and in the context of the greater Brethren denomination. 

It is important to note that with the acceptance of Brethren Positions on Social Issues, this document is the most current reflection of where we stand as a denomination on social issues at this moment in time, and as such, past documents on social issues, including the 1991 and 1985 documents no longer reflect accurately where we stand.

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