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Denominational Documents and Guides

Denominational Documents and Guides

There are a number of governing, process and resource-related documents that help The Brethren Church function. We have assembled the most recent copies of these documents below. The documents cover a wide range of subjects and functions within The Brethren Church, from the local level to the national level. Feel free to download and utilize as needed. 

National Executive Board

The 2019 General Conference will elect two members to the Executive Board for three-year terms.

All nominees must be eligible to serve as stated in the Manual of Procedure (chapter 2, section II, article 4B): "All members of the Executive Board shall be members in good standing of their local Brethren churches at the time of their election and throughout their terms of service."

Persons can nominate themselves or be nominated by another individual.

All nominees must complete the nomination information form to be nominated, whether by the Executive Board or from the floor.

Nominations from the floor will be accepted, provided that said nominee submits a completed nomination information form at the time of nomination or has previously submitted the said form for the position.

To submit a nomination for National Executive Board, fill out the PDF, and email to

Executive Board Nominations