The Five Spaces: Rediscovering the Social Spirituality of Jesus | The Brethren Church

The Five Spaces: Rediscovering the Social Spirituality of Jesus

Dustin White


Could it be that our own spiritual discouragement and dissatisfaction is not because we are practicing the wrong “moves”—but that we are practicing right moves in the wrong spaces? What if the solution to a stunted faith was not more spiritual “athleticism”—but rather a deeper understanding of the church’s spaces of discipleship?

The Five Spaces shows us that God did not create the church to be a stratified institution, but rather a social organism whereby people participate and mature in multiple relational spaces. Each of these unique spaces offers a specific component to both our spiritual formation, as well as social belonging.


“These pages are filled not only with encouraging accounts of God moving, but with incredible teaching and practical advice for applying it to each and every ‘space’ of our lives, allowing us to seek His Kingdom in whatever situation we find ourselves in.” – Patrick Thompson, Rend Collective

“You can model what Jesus did. In The Five Spaces, Dustin White shows you some options that you can adapt to your own personality,conviction, context and situation. While you might not end up taking a skunk for a walk (which is an actual example from the book), you will find practical and easy-to-apply ideas to connect your church to your community!” – Alan Hirsch, Author


Dustin White is a church planter and pastor in the Collaborative of Neighboring Churches network. Dustin is the Executive Director of Flourish 44703, a community development corporation in his neighborhood. He enjoys visiting new baseball parks with his wife Jamie, fly fishing, and proudly calls Canton, Ohio home.