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We Develop Leaders

We Develop Leaders

Since our inception, The Brethren have been marked by our commitment to loving, biblical relationships. Leadership in The Brethren Church is non-hierarchal, meaning that no one person sits above another in authority. However, because we believe that the body of Christ needs all parts to be complete and full, we desire every person in our churches to have the ability to reach their full God-gifted potential to live out their call in this world.

Brethren Church Leadership Development

Not Just for Pastors

Leadership Development isn’t just for pastors or seminarians. We have resources to help youth leaders, board members and moderators, church staff members, and every day church attendees. Brethren Leadership Development is about helping each person increase their ability to share the gospel, disciple others, and live a life that reflects Jesus Christ.

Resources for Leaders

If you’re interested in specific ministry paths or leadership resources, you may find the following helpful:

Becoming a Brethren Pastor (Licensure and Ordination)

Commissioning for a Specific Ministry by a Local Congregation

• Ordering Background Checks