Story of the Week

The Easter Story & Me
A devotional written by: Paula Strickland


On Sunday we celebrated the triumphal entry of Jesus. As if God had written us into the story, just like those in Jerusalem; we also laid down our palm branches and celebrated Jesus’ entry. Due to the enthusiasm, some of us may have sung louder than normal. Palm Sunday has a special meaning to us. But after we leave church on Sunday does the story end there?  Are we apt to leave the celebration in our churches as we move through our normal daily routines?

On the days and hours leading up to Good Friday ...


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The Story of the Week is designed to share with you what fellow Brethren individuals, groups and churches are doing around the globe.  But we need your stories, testimonies and photos so that we may do that.
Have you been involved in an outreach effort?  Has your group or congregation discovered new ways to reach your community with the love of Christ?  Has God done some amazing work in the life of our family lately?  Has the Holy Spirit prompted you to begin a new ministry or event for Christ?
Let us know so that we can share with others about the good things God is doing in the Brethren Church!  Just send your stories to:  brethren@brethrenchurch.org

The weekly update is a weekly e-publication of the Brethren Church highlighting a quick story of kingdom movement and impact amongst the Brethren and a reinforcing resource for further reflection and application. We would love to hear your stories.  Contact Paula Strickland at 877-289-1708 or paula@brethrenchurch.org.