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Brethren Background Checks

Brethren Background Checks

Keeping Our Flocks Safe

The world in which we live is one where, as ministry leaders, we need to be diligent to protect our flock and those that serve within it. The necessity for regular background checks is simply part of the ministry landscape; especially for those that work and volunteer with children or youth. Navigating the complex maze of requesting and receiving background checks can be overwhelming. For this reason, many times it's something that goes overlooked within our ministries. However, this innocent oversight can't be allowed to happen, and as such, The Brethren Church is offering to lighten your load and make the process of ordering background checks easier for you. If you need to update or order new background checks for members of your ministry teams and volunteers, let us help.


Need Help Making Your Church Safer?

Our partners at Everence Financial want to help. They're offering grants to help defer the costs of upgrading your safety plan. 


How Safe is Our Church?

It can be hard to figure out the perfect balance between safety and over-caution, especially in smaller churches. It's important to know if your church has done everything it can to protect your children and congregants. To that end, we've created "Safe Spaces: A Best Practice Guide to Volunteer & Staff Screening and Safety". 

This simple 10-page guide will help your church evaluate weak areas in your screening and safety plans, and help you take steps towards ensuring those you place in leadership or responsibility are vetted and protected. 

The guide is free, and includes a full checklist on background/screening processes at your church. Download it now!

Safe Spaces: A Best Practice Guide to Volunteer/Staff Screening and Safety