Brethren Pastoral Transition Guide

Helping Churches and Leaders Navigate Transition

Brethren Pastoral Transition Guide

Navigating Transitions

The transition of pastors can be one of the riskiest, frightening times in a congregation's life. This is especially true if the transition is unexpected or unplanned. Fortunately, this process does not need to be this way. After walking with hundreds of congregations and pastors through the transition process, we have developed a guide for navigating everything from the exit of the existing pastor to the search process for a new pastor, hiring, and everything in between. 

This process, when handled correctly and with the dependence on the Holy Spirit it requires, can be a strengthening time for a church, and can create momentum that will last for years. 

If your church is considering a transition, please reach out to National Church Vitality Coordinator, Gary Diehl. He'll be able to connect you with your Regional Resource Coordinator, as well as local pastors and congregations in your region that have navigated these waters well. This connection will prove invaluable for your church's transition process. 

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