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Serve Globally

Serve Globally

In the Gospel of Mathew, we’re told that Jesus tells his disciples to “go into the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” Since the 1800’s, The Brethren Church has been doing just that. Through international relief efforts, as well as starting and sustaining churches worldwide, Brethren churches and people span the globe. We call our missional partners  outside of the United States and Canada “Global Partners.”


            You Can Be A Partner, Too. 

You can be a part of our effort to share the love of Jesus Christ around the globe in a variety of ways. Typically, it looks like one of the following:


More than anything, we ask that you cover our Brethren across the world in prayer. Whether it’s a short-term mission trip that a youth group is on, an international disaster relief team, a church plant in Argentina, or an orphanage in India, every one of them needs prayer. Your prayers make a felt difference, and each and every one of our Brethren Global Partners is deeply thankful for them



From time to time, real, tangible needs arise with our Global Partners. Whether it’s helping purchase new kitchen equipment in Chile so the church can help feed hungry kids, or providing supplies for the Brethren Sewing School in India, that trains young women in a trade that earns them income, your provision is a physical expression of the Good News of Jesus Christ. When you donate a gift to Global Partners, it allows our team to respond quickly to needs as they arise, and provides them with the important, sustaining funds needed for ministry all over the world. 


We’re committed to sustainable ministry, led by local people in their community. There is an opportunity, however, to go a participate in the exciting work that’s happening through Brethren Churches and relief efforts in other countries though. Opportunities arise through short-term, intentional mission trips, as well as following God’s call to be the one to go and share the Gospel in the farthest corners of the earth. 


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Where We Serve

Currently, there are Brethren Global Partners in the following places:

Argentina & Paraguay