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Brethren Global Partners: Peru

Brethren Global Partners: Peru


Luis Angel Morilles leads The Brethren Church in the heart of Lima, Peru, bringing a fresh and youthful vibe to an area filled with people searching for belonging. The church in Lima has several different types of ministry, but the central point, like many Brethren churches, is youth and children’s ministries. Luis and the congregation regularly engage parents through events, group studies and community outreach. 

In the last few years, the church also heeded a call to start a new church in a nearby barrio (neighborhood) called Ticlio Chico. The area is overrun with poverty, and the church not only attends to the spiritual needs in the barrio but the physical needs as well. Church members often bringing clothes, food, and school supplies that are in high demand. 


Elena Prado is an American missionary who continues Brethren ministry in Pucusana, and has made tremendous strides in repairing and developing the building originally built by Miguel Antunez as a church and outreach center. Elena has worked to develop the building and grounds as community space, and has created areas for outdoor recreation like volleyball and basketball courts, as well as soccer fields.

Pucasana will soon be open to hosting short-term mission teams from the U.S. and other partner churches.

Puerto Maldonado



Italo and Rebecca Abuid lead the development of a children’s school and a new Brethren Church on the fringe of the Amazon, near Puerto Maldonado. Italo and Rebecca currently operate a small orphanage as well. The new church is already 30 to 40 adults strong and offers a large ministry to the children in the community. The creation of the new church, and the ongoing operations of the orphanage would not be possible without the support of many Brethren Churches in the United States. 

Italo is also raising up new leaders beneath him. He is currently mentoring Segundo Gonzales in Brethren practice and doctrine, as they work together in the ministry.