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Midwest Region

Empowering Brethren churches to Love God, Love Others, and Make Disciples in North Western Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, and Iowa.



For many churches, the covid-19 crises and the societal response to it has created both incredible challenge and opportunity. Restrictions on gatherings have spurred us to experiment with technology long held at bay and to reflect on what really matters for discipleship in this new season. We have seen great challenges to unity and morale, as some have argued over particulars of policy while others experience the grief of loss in many forms. Yet many of us have also seen a dramatic increase in receptivity to the Gospel as our world hungers and thirsts for hope. Regardless of what we do to minister, that the Church fulfills our commission to preach the Gospel and make disciples is more imperative than ever.



You may be interested in trying out online options for church services but unsure of where to start. Many often think of their website and social media presence primarily as a tool for marketing and communication. We use them as tools to help gather people for events where the ministry actually happens. However, as people spend more time online, it is helpful to consider online tools as direct resources for ministry. How can you meet people where they are to form them spiritually through your web and social media posts? Check out the video below from Brady Shearer at Pro Church Tools for some helpful tips on using social media for spiritual formation.




Those of us able to gather in-person have likely discovered a renewed attention to the value of the gathered church. You can receive devotional content at home. You can respond to songs of praise anywhere. However, it is difficult to replace the value of seeing brothers and sisters-in-Christ together in the same room to be encouraged and equipped as we worship Jesus. As we move forward, consider how to be intentional with that gift. Having congregants fill pews to simply enjoy uplifting music and receive a sermon fails to capture the joy of the gathered community. Find ways to include as many as possible in worship and fellowship. If you have switched your offering plate for an online giving option, take time in your service to invite congregants to speak a word of thanksgiving to God. If you are choosing to sing less than normal, invite folks to express praise through raised hands and through corporate reading of scripture. 



Looking for a way to bless God's Kingdom? Consider supporting Brethren Retreat at Shipshewana Lake.

Giving Tuesday is the biggest day of the year for giving. Ironically followed by big consumer days known as Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

On Dec 1st consider a generous gift to the Brethren Retreat at Shipshewana Lake. Giving Tuesday is our kick-off event to raise $18,500 to renovate the East Wing of the Layman’s Lodge. The West Wing was completed in 2019. The LL Lobby was renovated w/ a kitchenette added in 2016. The bathrooms were expanded & modernized w/ heated floors in 2013. We have already received a $6100 lead gift. We have a pledge of another $2000. Join the fun!

Some items we are considering:


  1. Demolition of all drywall & old insulation (1979)
  2. Update electrical w/ new wiring & more receipts (1958)
  3. Insulate w/ air tight spray foam
  4. Install moisture & mold resistant drywall
  5. Install new exterior door
  6. Install rustic knotty pine planks on walls
  7. Install modern LED lighting
  8. Install new floor covering
  9. Install central Air Conditioning

(Bunk beds will be replaced via funds raised previously)

Your gift can help attract more students to the camping ministry and give them a great experience to be refreshed as they draw close to Jesus.





Your Regional Leadership Team (RLT) is made up of pastors and lay leaders committed to resourcing the local church for healthy ministry. We exist to serve and empower congregations by developing leaders, resourcing congregations, supporting church plants, and promoting healthy relationships between congregations in our region so that we might better Love God, Love Others, and Make Disciples.