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Midwest Region

Empowering Brethren churches to Love God, Love Others, and Make Disciples in North Western Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, and Iowa.



The sudden developments in the spread of the COVID-19 virus and changes in directives to slow and stall its spread have created significant obstacles for the gathered church. Many congregations have switched their services to a "live streaming" option in order to comply with the recommendations to avoid large gatherings. For some congregations, however, these strategies are difficult to accomplish or ill-fitted to the needs of their people. If you are looking for alternative options for the spiritual nurture of your flock, consider the following:



Even if you cannot gather in large groups, you can still resource families and individuals to participate in a common worship experience from their own homes. Consider offering a weekly mailing with directions for prayer, singing/adoration, scriptural reflection, and personal application. You can also include song selections photocopied from a hymnal and a written devotional reflection from the pastor. Follow the button below for a customizable Microsoft Word document to get you started!

If you have the capabilities, it may also be helpful to include additional resources on your website or social media accounts, such as video devotionals or downloadable resources for families with young children.


Home Worship Mailing



You may be interested in trying out online options for church services but unsure of where to start. There are several options available, and it can be overwhelming to make decisions in a short time frame. If you would like to learn more, this video from Churchfront offers a very helpful summary and tutorial of the options available. Check it and reach out to folks in Regional or National Leadership for assistance thinking through your options.




These are just a few helpful options for churches navigating this challenge. Pastors and congregations are coming up with all sorts of creative ideas that aren't mentioned here. Don't be afraid to get creative! There is no fear in love, and our God IS love incarnate! We have the most wonderful creative resource at our disposal - the Holy Spirit. Let's seek the Lord's guidance and celebrate together as we continue to find new and innovative ways to minister to a broken world.



Looking for a way to bless God's Kingdom? Consider supporting Brethren Retreat at Shipshewana Lake in their goal to raise $12,500 by May 1st for new recreation equipment. Check out the items we hope to replace:

  • NEW LAKEFRONT PIER - Current pier is from the 1970’s 
  • NEW WATERFRONT INFLATABLE - Replaces 25’ Aqua Jump purchased in 2000. Could be a different item. So many to choose from now. 
  • ULTIMATE FRISBEE GOLF COURSE – Reviving a previous activity 
  • NEW OCTABALL PIT - Replace our aging home built unit 
  • HAMMOCK STATION - New gathering space for campers to converse 
  • PEDAL GO CARTS - New activity to enjoy the paved Pumpkinvine Nature Trail. Also have considered a 4 person surrey bike for group fun

Your gift can help attract more students to the camping ministry and give them a great experience to be refreshed as they draw close to Jesus.





Your Regional Leadership Team (RLT) is made up of pastors and lay leaders committed to resourcing the local church for healthy ministry. We exist to serve and empower congregations by developing leaders, resourcing congregations, supporting church plants, and promoting healthy relationships between congregations in our region so that we might better Love God, Love Others, and Make Disciples.