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Strengthen Churches

Strengthen Churches

Sustaining a Ministry Takes Real Work

The Brethren Church is over 300 years old. That means that while we’re always striving to seek the new thing God may be doing in our midst, there is much that God has always been doing, and continues to do. We are committed to increasing the capacity of existing Brethren ministries, allowing them to make more disciples, and make a visible kingdom impact in their communities. 

We offer strategic guidance and resources to existing Brethren pastors, leaders, ministry teams and congregations.


Mutual Accountability & Church Clusters

We’ve Got Your Back

Our team of regional resource coordinators and volunteers across the country want nothing more than your church or ministry to thrive. Each one of them has extensive experience in local ministry, and most are still leading locally currently. We know how tough it can be when it feels like your church’s pastor just isn’t working out. We’ve been there as pastors when you’re tired of doing ministry, or tired of the church, or just plain tired. 

The good news is that we’ve also seen the other side of the tough spots in ministry. Our team would love to walk alongside your church in transition. We want to help you plan and prepare for health. We want to help you find balance and joy in doing ministry again. And we’ve got the know-how and resources to help you get there. 


With You, Not For You

We will always take steps with you, rather than do things to you or for you. We are here to help increase your ministry’s capacity to fulfill your God-given potential and calling. We engage in activities that will ultimately result in growing more disciples of Jesus who make more disciples.

This helps us re-imagine connections between Pastors and Congregations and our interactions with one another.


Congregations Ministry Leaders

• Healthy Conflicts

• Natural Church Development Assessments

Pastoral Transition Planning

Pastoral Transition Guidance

Pastor & Staff Salary Guidance

• Vision Development / Clarity

• Succession & Transition Planning

• Coaching

• Sabbatical Planning

• Developing Effective Teams

• Teaching Generosity

• Congregational Vitality Assessments


Together Through Clusters

The most common, practical way leaders and congregations find resource and support is through their neighbors. Each Brethren Church in every region should be participating in a ministry cluster. Ministry Clusters are groups of churches, tied by a common geography and purpose. Depending on where you find the cluster in the country, that might mean a few minutes away, or a few hours. Either way, Ministry Clusters encourage each other, gather together around a common mission, support each other by bringing their own giftings and strengths, and allow others in the cluster to support where giftings or strengths lack. 



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